CBC Director
Tim Gibbon
Prof Tim Gibbon
Position: Director: Centre for Broadband Communication
Department: Physics
Location: South Campus
Email: tim.gibbon@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: PhD (Physics)

Biography: Tim Gibbon is Director of the CBC and Associate Professor in the Department of Physics. In 2007 he received a PhD in Physics from NMMU in the field of optical communication. From 2008-2010 he was Postdoctoral Researcher at DTU Fotonik in Demark, working closely with industry developing next-generation WDM-PON technologies. Tim is an NRF rated scientist and has published over 70 papers on topics including long-haul impairments, metro-access technologies, passive optical networks, FTTH, photonic UWB, and optical fibre telescope networks. He currently leads NMMU work on the SKA Project, with further industry and academic collaborations across Africa, Europe, China and Australia.

CBC Staff
Prof Andrew Leitch
Prof Andrew Leitch
Position: Emeritus Professor
Department: Physics
Location: South Campus
Phone: +27 41 5042017
Fax: +27 41 5049268
Email: andrew.leitch@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: PhD

MC du Plessis
Prof MC du Plessis
Position: Associate Lecturer
Department: Computing Sciences
Room: 090101A
Location: South Campus
Phone: 27 41 504 2076
Fax: 27 41 504 2831
Email: mc.duplessis@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: BSc (NMMU), BScHons (NMMU), MSc (NMMU), PhD (UP)